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Glamour photography makes the subject look stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, striking, sexy, and glamorous!

Glamour, like most art forms, is in the eye of the beholder. This means that whatever makes you feel beautiful and glamorous is right for you! Glamour photography has traditionally been used in advertising, fashion and high-end portraiture, but now many individuals enjoy giving personal glamour photographs as gifts to loved ones. Glamour photography can be fun and rewarding, and is being enjoyed by people from all walks of life.


Some glamour photography studios will offer makeup artists to help you with your look, others will require you to do your own makeup. If the studio does not offer makeup on-site, plan on doing your makeup as though you are going out for a formal evening of dining and dancing.
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In general, this type of makeup will be heavier than your daytime look, but will look lighter and more natural under studio lighting conditions.


Some glamour photography studios offer clothing ranging from sequined evening gowns to feathered boas. Some will not offer any costuming. If you will be wearing your own clothes, choose something that makes you feel glamorous or sexy.

Bring shoes that go with your outfit. Very high heels are a good choice for women, since they make your legs look longer.


In addition to your clothing, makeup and accessories (don’t forget your favorite earrings or necklace!), you may want to bring any props that have special meaning to your glamour photography session. Examples are sports memorabilia, family heirlooms, or costume accessories. If your glamour photography will be a gift for someone special, consider using a prop that is personal to that person, such as an item from their favorite sports team. .

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